Modern Country Decorating Ideas From Brian Patrick Flynn

Brian Patrick Flynn's 5 Steps to Country Cool

Modern Country Decorating Ideas From Brian Patrick Flynn

My superstar interior decorator friend Brian Patrick Flynn, aka Decor Demon, recently took a trip to Stone Mountain, GA, to take a personal tour of the Country Living Fair with the magazine's editor in chief, Sarah Gray Miller. With two always-evolving eyes for the seriously stylish, Flynn took note of every last gourd and antique accessory, while his curious lips asked all the right styling questions of his acclaimed tour guide. His keen analysis and ins with the experts have turned Flynn, himself, into a wise man when it comes to "the new look of all things country," as he calls it.

Given that I like to take things in strides, I asked the country connoisseur for five tips for creating a flawlessly hip pastoral pad. Flynn must have sensed that I loved picture books as a kid (still do!), as he decided to share five stunning, illuminating images from his trip, too! Check out this slideshow: y'all are in for a treat!

Photos courtesy of Christina Wedge