Mischa Barton Puts Her Beverly Hills Home on the Market

Mischa Barton Lists Her Beverly Hills Mediterranean Manse

Mischa Barton's high-paid days as Marisa Cooper are long over, and unfortunately her career hasn't picked up as she expected it might when she left The O.C. after its third season. So the mortgage on the 7,600-square-foot, six-bedroom, 10-bath Beverly Hills home she scooped up in 2005 is one that I suspect she simply can't afford, and she's listed it on the market for $8.4 million. Seeing as she bought the property at the height of her fame for $6.4 million, she's set to make a pretty penny on this one if her asking price is met.

In a past interview about her home, Mischa said, "When I arrived in LA, I looked at 10 houses. This was the last one on the list. It was a little beyond my price expectations, but I immediately fell in love with it. It's almost as if I would be living in the country. There's no traffic, no loud cars, simply heavenly quiet."

The house boasts two detached guest suites, a lush courtyard, a large terrace, a pool, and beautiful Mediterranean architectural details. Barton's décor choices, are on the other hand, are less crave worthy. She's washed it with a peach and neutral palette, and outfitted it with gaudy, gold tables and ostentatious, swagged valances. I expected so much more from a fashionista like Mischa! Check out the photos and tell me what you think.

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