Melinda Buie Oil Paintings

Artist of the Day: Melinda Buie

Giddyup! I know a gal who makes magic happen with a canvas and a paintbrush and her name is Melinda Buie. Raised on a farm in East Texas, the talented little lady is shameless in her obvious adoration of cows, architecture, and relationships — with both people and pets.

A current dweller in the Big Apple, the vibrant artist soaks up the city's vibe in her Times Square studio where she paints oversized portraits of bovine beauties that show more character than Heidi Montag could shake a stick at. Also on her agenda are commissioned works of art depicting children, man's best friends, or perhaps the Brooklyn Bridge. Lucky for us, boring is not in her vocabulary, which is evident in her palette of dark shades accented with shocking bits of aqua green, azalea pink, and lemon yellow, which bring life to the walls and smiles to the masses. Who, after all, would have imagined a longhorn grazing in a purple hazed background? Sign me up, 'cause I'm smitten!

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