Mediterannean Islands For Sale For $270 Million

Live Like Royalty on Your Very Own Mediterranean Island Paradise

Mediterannean Islands For Sale For $270 Million

Talk about living in luxury. The islands of Li — Gallo Lungo, Rotonda and Castelletto — are currently on the market for 195 million Euros (approximately $270 million). With a villa built by choreographer Leonide Massine (which was later renovated by Le Corbusier), this gorgeous spot in the Mediterranean Sea has both natural and manmade charm to spare. The property included in the sale, “Villa Tre Ville,” has been a luxury residential rental for the past year, and has seen over $30 million worth of upgrades. It includes 19 suites, four salons, stunning terraces, vegetable, fruit, and spice gardens, two kitchens, three saltwater pools, a helipad, boat launch, and 17 staff members. Previous guests of the property include Greta Garbo, Sofia Loren, and Ingrid Bergman, among many other notables. Let’s take a peek at this unbelievably beautiful spot in the Mediterranean.