Martha Stewart Living Cabinet Line Now Available at Home Depot

Martha Stewart Cabinet Line Now Available at Home Depot

A year ago, I reported that Martha Stewart was launching a line with Home Depot. Since that time, a number of products have become available through the retailer, including decor, flooring, outdoor products, and paint. As of this month, the Martha Stewart Living line will also include a line of special-order cabinets, countertops, and hardware.

The line includes nine different styles of cabinets available in a variety of finishes, with 32 cabinetry hardware styles and eight different styles of Corian countertops. While the hardware itself doesn't inspire me, I do like several of the cabinet styles. The various finishes also help to customize the look to your particular tastes as well.

Special cabinet features include thoughtful touches such as cookbook popdowns and plate organizers, and the line's designer element and color coordination system guarantee that you can pull a room together without too many hours spent agonizing over paint chips and tile samples. While many of the designs lean towards an elegant interpretation of country living, there are a few that are more streamlined and urban oriented, such as the Perry Street line, shown above.

Take a look below to preview the line!

Source: Martha Stewart Living Cabinets, Countertops, and Hardware at The Home Depot