On the Market: A Frank Lloyd Wright Home in Central California

If you have a love for midcentury architecture and $2.7 million to spare, then consider moving to California's Central Valley to live in the beautiful, wonderfully maintained Fawcett House. This 3,700-square-foot home was designed by the famous modern architect Frank Lloyd Wright in 1955, and it was completed in 1961, two years after Wright died. The six-bedroom, four-and-a-half bath home is situated on 80 acres, and hunkers down into the farming landscape, with a low-pitched roof and angular wings that reach out into the fields.

The home was owned by Randall and Harriet Fawcett, who raised four children lived, worked, and died within its walls. The couple were ardent lovers of Wright's architecture, and even though the home's construction was delayed by a few years, they were always enthusiastic about their house.

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Designed in a modified U-shape, the home's rooms feature Wright's signature designs, including stained glass windows, concrete walls, built-ins, and expansive walls of glass that look out onto the home's swimming pool and gardens. The impressively large living room fireplace dominates the room, at six feet tall by twelve feet wide. The home also features woodwork from George Nakashima, as well as gorgeous Japanese garden design from Fresno-based landscape architect Jim Kamimato.

A recent San Francisco Chronicle article notes that

The building, while not among Wright's best known, is an articulate expression of his design philosophy at the latter stage of his career. He was attempting to create a uniquely North American architectural lexicon, free from classical and European influences, that also eliminated unnecessary elements to ensure homes were within reach of the middle (or at least upper-middle) class.

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