Mark Montano Big Ass Book of Crafts House Tour

Mark Montano's Magical Silver Lake Craft Compound

Mark Montano Big Ass Book of Crafts House Tour

DIYer, decorator, designer, television host, and all-around crafty guy Mark Montano lives in LA's Silver Lake neighborhood in a home that's a veritable showcase for the projects featured in his DIY books, including The Big-Ass Book of Crafts ($20).

Additionally, his property includes a small back cottage that he uses for crafting and designing. Mark notes that it's "a copy of my main house and is my design studio in the back yard. It's 250 square feet and is painted green and blue stripes inside. It's magical! Like Willy Wonka for craft projects."

Come take a peek at Mark's home, which serves as a testing ground for his various projects, as well as a retreat from his busy life.

All photos courtesy Jimmy Cohrssen