Kyle MacLachlan's LA House For Rent

Rent Kyle MacLachlan's English-Inspired LA Home

Rent Kyle MacLachlan's English-Inspired LA Home

From Twin Peaks to Sex and the City, Kyle MacLachlan has starred in some of my favorite shows, and his Los Angeles home, which is currently available for lease for $20,000 a month, is definitely more Trey MacDougal than FBI Special Agent Dale Cooper. With English-inspired gardens, tartanesque plaid rugs and throws, and stone walls, this Los Angeles home is working hard at impersonating an English countryside manor. The home is offered completely furnished, and the photos from the real estate's website are delightfully casual and seemingly unstaged: it's fun to imagine that the glasses left on the kitchen island belong to the mayor of Portlandia. According to Real Estalker, the actor, his wife, child, and two dogs primarily reside in New York, which explains the home's appearance on the market. Take a look at the photos, and let me know if you'd want to rent Kyle MacLachlan's house.

Source:  Westside Estate Angency