Keter Salon Makeover by Mignonne Decor

Decorating Inspiration From Berkeley's Ketér Salon

Johnelle and Brian also reframed the mirrors with salvaged wood. A vintage stepstool with paint splotches provides industrial flair.

Ketér Salon is celebrating its 10th birthday in two short weeks, and as part of its celebration of a decade of stylish service, Diana Gordon, the owner of the salon, decided to revamp the look of the salon. For this project, she turned to Johnelle Mancha, the creative force behind Mignonne Décor. Johnelle specializes in re-imagining vintage furniture pieces with updated paint, finishes, and upholstery. She also creates handpainted designs in many of her interior design projects, and her work at Ketér Salon is no exception. Along with her partner Brian Hill, Johnelle turned Ketér Salon's dated look into something very cool, functional, and timelessly pretty. For all of the before and after photos, as well as ideas on how you can re-create some of these ideas in your own home, come take a look!

If you're inspired by what you see, you can contact Johnelle and Brian for custom projects and carpentry, custom rehabbed, reclaimed pieces, headboards, tables, and anything else you need for your home!