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Kenneth Jay Lane's New York Home

Coveted Crib: Kenneth Jay Lane's Lived-In Lair

New York Social Diary recently sat down for an interview with jewelry design Kenneth Jay Lane in his New York home, and their photos from the visit prove that KJL's home is a rare gem as well. To begin, the architecture is jaw-dropping: the exquisite, ornate moldings must be at least 100 years old.

Furthermore, it's chock full of books (many of which I'm sure are antiques), fine art and unusual artifacts collected during his travels and long life, like antique Suzani textiles from Turkey, Aboriginal statues from India, an extraordinary Regency specimen table purchased at auction, and a papier maché doll from Mexico called "Betty." Neither the look nor the feel of Lane's home are things that can be re-created. They're one-of-a-kind and truly reflect who he is. I think that's something we can all hope for our own homes, whether or not we're trying to achieve that layered, lived-in look.

Here are highlights:

  • On the minimalist, linear style that's popular now:
    "I think it’s a little bit boring. I think they like sitting in dentist’s offices or airline lounges because it all looks like an airline lounge … a lot of people have no curiosity …"
  • On his home's layered, "lived in" look:
    "I’ve had a lived life … a lived-in life! This body has been lived in."
  • On his house growing up:
    "What did it look like. My mother liked flowered chintz. [chuckles]"

To continue the photo tour of KJL's home, read more

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