This Just In: Hayden Panettiere Buys a House to Cheer About

Hayden Panettiere, better known as Claire Bennet the cheerleader who cannot die on NBC's Heroes, has taken time out from saving the whales to drop $2.635 million on a house in Los Angeles, according to Real Estalker.

The teenage Panettiere, who'll turn 20 next year, has room to grow in the 3,120-square-foot, three-bedroom, thee-bath house, which was constructed in 1962. The house, which is definitely modern in look and feel, features floor-to-ceiling windows, an open, loft-style layout, a newly renovated kitchen, a swimming pool, a stone fireplace, and a large deck, perfect for entertaining (or throwing huge parties).

To see interior photos of the house, read more.

I think that this house is a nice choice, and while it's bigger than most noncelebs' homes, it's less than half the size of many celeb mansions, such as Tori Spelling's new pad. I think this could be a really stunning house if Panettiere gets the right designer in there. Perhaps Top Design's Preston Lee is available?

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