Julian Casablancas Commissions a Wire Sculpture Christmas Tree From French Artist Marie Christophe

Julian Casablancas Commissions a Rock Star Christmas Tree

While platinum records and guitar picks would make stellar ornaments for a rock star like Julian Casablancas, the lead singer of The Strokes had something more spectacular in mind for his Christmas tree this year. He commissioned French sculpture artist Marie Christophe to create one of her stunning "mobiles sapin" for his holiday home decor. Made of wire dangling with plastic discs — akin to notes on a page of sheet music — the Calder-esque alterna-tree makes an artistic and harmonious statement in a modern home. Better yet, since the silver wire will not rust, it can even be hung outdoors!

Marie Christophe also created two of her delicate Christmas tree mobiles for the windows of Cartier Paris with turquoise and silver discs several years ago, as well as two mobiles for the windows of posh Tokyo shop Tomorrowland in 2007. Check out some photos of these below.

Now that I've gotten a glimpse of how Casablancas celebrates Christmas, I'm eager to see the rest of his home. I wonder what will be wrapped up in bows under that bad boy: a sophomore effort to follow Phrazes For the Young, s'il te plaît?

Source: WireImage