John Krasinski Gets a New Office

John Krasinski is making a habit of saying "Away We Go" lately — this time to a new 2,640-square-foot, three-bedroom, four-bath gated mid-century home in LA. His $1.9 million purchase sits high above Hollywood's legendary Chateau Marmont hotel on what real estate agents deem a "celebrity cul-de-sac." So, Krasinski should feel right at home among his VIP cronies.

I dig the home's architecture from the outside, but I'm not too keen on the contemporary updates indoors, the kitchen and bathroom in particular. I'm also liking the lush tropical plants on the patio, but there doesn't seem to be much space to entertain around the pool — I guess that's what you get for only about a third of an acre of land. I'll give this crib three stars, and that's assuming he'll toss the bachelor pad furniture. What do you think? See photos when you read more.