John Derian Debuts Home Collection For Target

Target Taps John Derian For Fall Collection

After two successful collaborations with John Derian in 2008, Target has announced that it will debut another exclusive collection of home décor and accessories designed by the decoupage artist this Fall. The line, available Sept. 5 in stores and online, will be more extensive than the past two, with a much wider range of nearly 100 items under $25, including decorative trays, wall art, and coasters, as well as stationery items, fabric-covered storage bins, and tabletop items.

Derian built his brand on imagery siphoned from vintage stationery prints — botanical, avian, insect, anatomical, etc. So many of the patterns you'll see in the new collection have the same Old Word feel, including some replicas from his original collection. Derian says he's worked hard to translate his "vision into a larger assortment of products that are beautiful, affordable and truly feel one-of-a-kind," and that is very evident! Although, as we all know, something that truly is one-of-a-kind could cost you much more. That's why the ol' Target is so near and dear to my heart  — and my wallet!

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