Interview With Marcia Prentice From HGTV Design School

An Interview With Designer Marcia Prentice + My Fave Curated Picks!

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Fashion Institute of Design and Merchandising design student and star of HGTV's new docu-reality series Design School Marcia Prentice is the curator of a new sale on The Foundary, which ends tomorrow evening. I was interested to get to know a little more about this up-and-comer, so we decided to do a little Q&A. Check out our interview below!

CasaSugar: How did you wind up in the design field?

Marcia Prentice: My father was a contractor, so I have been around design and construction a greater part of my childhood. Even though I always loved design, I also loved finance and obtained my first degree in business. Rounding off my last semester in school, I started to realize what my true passions and talents were in life. I am back for my first true love: design.

CS: How do you describe your own design style?

MP: My style can't be pinned to just one particular style. I like to mix it up with an overall modern aesthetic, incorporating European antiques, industrial elements, and maybe even one or two traditional pieces.

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