Interview With Alabama Chanin Founder Natalie Chanin With Photos of Her Home

An Interview and House Tour With Natalie Chanin

CS: I love how you’ve used the bricks in the white walls as staging areas for artwork. What’s your take on decorating in more utilitarian areas, such as in the kitchen?
NC: My design rules are pretty simple no matter what the room, I simply fill them with pieces that I adore, keep the rest simple, and allow the space to evolve.

Those of you who've been following CasaSugar for a while know that I love the work of textile designer and artist Natalie Chanin. From her studio in Florence, AL, Natalie creates appliqued clothing and an interiors collection, runs workshops, and writes books, including Alabama Stitch Book, and her latest, Alabama Studio Style. Natalie recently invited CasaSugar readers to take a peek at her home in Florence, where she dreams up her designs and raises her daughter. Let's take a look at her beautiful home!