Interior Design by Kathryn Ireland of Million Dollar Decorators

Kathryn Ireland Shares Her Favorite Inspiring Spaces!

"I absolutely LOVE the madness of colors, patterns, and textures in this room. It’s my signature look! The large-scale design on the walls really brings the room to life without overpowering it and prevents the room from being organized around one particular focal point. Everything shouts at you in a playful way. Also, I am more and more attracted to the Anglo-colonial-Indian style (i.e. the bed) as it looks great and works extremely well with the fabrics in my Mexico Meets Morocco line."

In anticipation of Bravo's new show Million Dollar Decorators (Tuesdays 10 p.m. EDT), which follows LA's most sought-after interior designers through their work and personal lives, we've kicked off a special series with the show's designers. For the next few weeks, each of the designers of Million Dollar Decorators, including Martyn Lawrence-Bullard, Jeffrey Alan Marks, Kathryn Ireland, Mary McDonald, and Nathan Turner, will share the rooms or vignettes that have most inspired them, be it from their own portfolios or elsewhere, exclusively with us. Martyn Lawrence-Bullard and Jeffrey Alan Marks have already shared their curated lists of inspirations, and today Kathryn Ireland lets us in on a few favorite rooms that inspire her. Come take a look!