Inspiration Interior Design Photos of Purple Rooms

Color Theory: My Ideas For Decorating With Purple

Inspiration Interior Design Photos of Purple Rooms

My mother just sold my childhood home (tear) and graciously offered to send me a gorgeous pair of silk Louis XV chairs as a sort of souvenir from the house. The only problem is that they are purple. My mother is what you'd call "a purple person" — everything from her golf balls to her extensive cashmere sweater collection to her dining room walls are all some shade of the color.

Me, on the other hand, I've never owned a single piece of décor in my life that could vaguely qualify as lilac, lavender, eggplant, or any version of the reddish-blue hue. So my next decorating adventure is to integrate my stunning and sentimental new chairs into my living room. I'm looking to bring just a tad bit of the color into the room, so that the chairs don't look like an exclamation point. I've rounded up some ideas for decorating with purple, and I want your help! Would you mind chiming in on the options?

Photos courtesy of Sarah Kaye Representation