Iceland's 101 Hotel Provides Elegant, Artistic Lodging

Home Away From Home: 101 Hotel

Ready for a trip to the top of the world? Many visit Iceland for its wealth of hot springs, its experimental rockers, and its huldufolk. Whatever your reason for flying due north, you can be guaranteed a good night's sleep if you stay at Reykjavík's fabulous 101 Hotel.

Recognized as the first boutique hotel in Iceland, owner and designer Ingibjörg S. Pálmadottir put her Parsons School of Design degree to good use when designing the hotel's look. Using clean lines, local artwork, and a palette rich in blacks, whites, and grays, the hotel exudes a cool, Nordic vibe. Don't worry though — the cool vibe doesn't extend to the interior's temperatures, thanks to heated oak floors, a roaring fireplace in the lounge, and an onsite sauna.

Pálmadottir has filled her hotel with works by artists including Brynhildur Þorgeirsdóttir, Böðvar Gunnarsson, Daníel Magnússon, Gabríela Friðriksdóttir, Hulda Hákon, and many other native artists whose names you may have trouble pronouncing. There's no difficulty in understanding the talent of the artists, though, nor in the hotel's natural ability to provide an elegant, welcoming, and beautiful stay for its guests.

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