Hunstville, AL, Couple Renovate 1903 Home, Share Bedroom Photographs

Before and After: Ashley's Playfully Serene Bedroom

CS: Who painted the two portraits on your wall? Are they of you and Andy?
AV: Our friend Robert Daniel did the portraits on the wall. Unfortunately, he doesn't have a website or anything. Robert Daniel did a series of portraits of his friends entitled "Coffee Break." He had us all take coffee and drip it, rub it, fling it (whatever) onto the paper. He then took a few photos of each individual, and then used a mixture of India ink and paint to create the portraits. He's incredible!

So far, we've toured several rooms in Ashley and Andy's Huntsville, AL, home, including the dining room, their living room, and kitchen. Today, we'll take a look at their bedroom. The couple had plenty to contend with in this room as well, including a giant terrarium left by the prior tenants that once housed an alligator(!), mold issues, nasty carpet, and a closet that needed to be demolished. After a lot of dedication and hard work, they were rewarded with a beautiful bedroom. Let's take a tour and hear what Ashley has to say about this room!