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How Sharp Is Your French Décor Vocabulary (A-D)?

The French have been significant purveyors of style in the world of fashion as well as interior design. And, just as we've incorporated their furnishings into our homes and corsets onto our figures, we've also welcomed les mots français into our vocabulary. Take this quiz to test your French décor vocabulary!

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An armoire is a _________ cabinet.

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What is boiserie?

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A bureau today commonly refers to a chest of drawers for a bedroom, but in terms of decor, it historically referred to __________.

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What is cabriole?

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What is cartouche?

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A chaise lounge ("chaise longue") is a type of chair, sofa, or daybed that is meant for ____________.

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Chinoiserie refers to ____________.

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A commode's distinct feature is its ________________.

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What is coquillage?

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What is a demilune?


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