How to Garden in the City

Small-Space Urban Gardening Solutions

How to Garden in the City

We urban dwellers don't have spacious backyards or acres of rolling fields to plant to our hearts' content. But that doesn't mean we can't indulge in some gorgeous urban gardening. When I recently visited Amsterdam, I was amazed by all of the clever and creative ways residents had added gardening boxes, flowers, and topiaries to their homes, even if their garden space wasn't much bigger than 6-x-12 inches. If you don't think you have room to garden at your apartment, studio, or houseboat, I'm here to kindly disagree with that notion. In fact, you may have more room than you previously imagined. All it takes to get your garden going is some ingenuity and an ability to think outside the (garden) box. See what I mean in the slideshow.