How to Clean Up and Remodel a Dated Fireplace

Before and After: Brass Fireplace

How to Clean Up and Remodel a Dated Fireplace

Here's a post from CasaSugar Community member and Sugar staffer Lauren from the Su Casa group:

Our fireplace when we first moved in had a horrible brass door and was really mucky inside. We really hated the look, and while we don't have an exact plan for the living room right now, since our focus is on the backyard, we decided to make a couple changes to make it a little more to our taste! We pulled down the the ugly brass doors and cleaned up the outside with more white paint. Rather than look at the mucky inside, we used a high temp paint and painted the inside black. Jazzed it up with a little artwork and accessories. Since we don't use it ever, we are thinking about filling it with wood to make it a little more substantial but I think for the Summer candles work will work just fine.

Have you been decorating lately? Be sure to share your own photos in the Su Casa group! Click through to see Lauren's before and after photos!