How to Clean a Copper Pot

Casa Quickie: Cleaning Copper Pots the Natural Way

I finally found a benefit to procrastination. After making some enchiladas the other night, I left my dishes in the sink overnight. While the mess wasn't a pleasant morning reception, I did come across an exciting unintentional cleaning quickie for copper lovers.

There are copper cleaners that can take the grime off in relatively no time but they often require some elbow grease. My solution requires minimal scrubbing and best of all? It's au natural! The secret is in a small can that can be found in any grocery store. To see how it works, read more.

Almost every time I open a can of tomato sauce, I have leftovers. Instead of tossing it out, I put it to use on my copper pans. The tomato sauce contains both salt and acid, which together remove copper oxides, leaving bright copper metal behind. All you need is a dirty pot and a can of the red stuff:

  1. Take a pan just a bit larger than your dirty pan and fill it with tomato sauce — just enough to cover the dirty pan.
  2. Let it sit for about an hour (or longer if you want) and make sure all the copper is covered by the tomato sauce.
  3. When the brown has turned back to a pretty pinkish tint, rinse off the sauce.
  4. Give the pot a good wipe down and put it away until suppertime!

Flickr user JonesGGallery