How Big Is Your Bulb Know-How?

Now's the time to get those Fall bulbs in the ground! Do you know the who, what, when, where, and how of Fall bulb planting? Take my quiz to test your knowledge.

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Which of the following bulbs should you NOT plant in the Fall?
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True or False: Hyacinth bulbs can be grown indoors.
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Besides a trowel, what is the standard tool for planting bulbs?
A spoon
A pitchfork
A bulb-planting tool
A knife
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Compared to seeds, at what depth are bulbs planted?
Seeds and bulbs are planted at the same depth.
Seeds are planted deeper than bulbs.
Bulbs are planted deeper than seeds.
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What is an important thing to avoid when planting bulbs?
Planting in shade
Planting in a spot where bulbs can get waterlogged
Planting in full sun
Planting next to a vegetable garden
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