How-To: Drum Up a Side Table

A sunny Sunday and a rockin' antique fair make for one happy salvage queen. Inspired by the musical coffee table I spotted recently, I saw a few skins at a local flea market that caught my attention. While I don't need a coffee table, the size of these green guys had me thinking hmmm . . . side table!

Since I don't live in Smurf village, I realized I would need give it some height somehow. I could add pegs but knew that would take some time and effort. I didn't want this project to end up in my basement never to be seen again. So I started hunting for the perfect sized stool. An hour later, I had it! For a few more bills, an old, beat-up four-legged seat was in my hands and perfectly suited for the little snare.

While it needs some cleaning and potentially a paint job, it looks quite charming as is. Another idea is to add a burlap skirt to the bottom of the drum and cover the stool all together. Until then, I'm liking the ability to tap away when I need a refill on my wine glass.