Houston TX Artist Couple Share House Tour Photos

House Tour: Carole and Sean's Artsy Houston Warehouse

CasaSugar: I love your church pew, and the way the wood contrasts with the wall color. Where did you find the pew?
CS: This is my favorite part of the house. I really like the blue; it makes me happy to look at it. I like the orange mirror against it too, and the color of the pew’s wood is nice and warm, like the other colors. We were given the pew by some friends who used our garden for a kids' party. It was slightly damaged, and Sean fixed it. I think it's about 100 years old.

Artist Carole Smith, her husband Sean Flournoy and their four kitty friends live in a fun, colorful warehouse in Houston, TX. Carole, who hails from Scotland, runs McCheek’s Academy, where she teaches children and adults ceramics. She also sells her cool ceramics under the name McCheek’s Mayhem. Next door to their house, Sean runs Throttle Tees out of a warehouse where Carole has her kiln and ceramics studio.

Carole says," We have lived in our house for six years and have ideas all the time about making improvements, but it's fairly slow going, it’s a work in progress. We are both into making things and arts and crafts, so there is always something going on, and not always time to work on renovations. We live in a very eclectic, mostly residential area which has had a lot of development recently." Let's take a tour of their home!