Housewarming Tips From Sabrina Soto

Sabrina Soto's Top 8 Housewarming Tips

Housewarming Tips From Sabrina Soto

Interior designer, TV host, Target Style Expert for Home, and entrepreneur Sabrina Soto recently moved to a new apartment on the Upper West Side of Manhattan. Sabrina, who shares the two-bedroom, two-bath apartment with her puppy, Harper, enjoys beautiful views of Central Park and generous natural light at the apartment, which is a perfect retreat from Sabrina's busy work life. (You can check out a full tour of Sabrina's home on p. 150 of Rue's anniversary issue.)

To celebrate her new home, Sabrina recently threw a fantastic housewarming party for friends, both old and new. Here, she shares a peek at her apartment and the party, and offers us some great housewarming tips along the way. Let's take a peek at her fab new home!

All Images Courtesy Patricia Willis