House Tour of a Greek Villa

A Family's Greek Island Villa — That You Can Rent!

A Family's Greek Island Villa — That You Can Rent!

Owning a Greek island villa is high on many a wish list, so we are very excited to share today's house tour with you. A multigenerational labor of love, Villa Ersi was born out of a family's wish to have a house on Kefalonia, a small island in Greece that is their ancestral home. Daughter Julie Karatzis explains, "Although my father left Kefalonia for California when he was 18, our family has returned to summer at our grandparents' home for as long as I can remember. My sister and I feel like we grew up in Greece having spent so much of our lives there."

It was Julie's father's dream to have his own place on the island, "somewhere that he could sit out in the fresh air, feel the sea breeze, and take in the view." To make this dream a reality, the family started work on the house about 10 years ago and finally completed Villa Ersi in the Summer of 2012. The family visits whenever they can but, lucky for us, rents out the villa the rest of the time. "Whether it's trying to figure out which of the dozens of local beaches to hit up for the day, meeting with our friends for cafe, or just going over to our aunt's house for dinner, we love to spend time there as a family because we feel as if we're going back to somewhere familiar, somewhere we belong."

Source: Photos by David Elgee