Home Away From Home: le 33

Whenever I feel overwhelmed by my urban life, I like to daydream about living in a country village — perhaps in France. Well, I may not be able to live that dream full-time, but thanks to the beautiful bed and breakfast le 33, located in the tiny village of south Picardie, I may be able to visit it sometime.

Operated by Florence Michon, le 33 provides elegant lodging for visitors to the region. The house has, amazingly, been a hotel since before the French Revolution! Now, the B&B straddles the past and the modern world, giving visitors the comfort of 21st-century living with the charm of centuries past. I'm in love with the beautiful photos of le 33, and would love to hop a plane to France and settle in for a romantic Spring weekend. Want to take a tour? See photos of le 33 when you read more.