Home Away From Home: A Wigwam Holiday

Want a cheap vacation? Well, if you're a Brit, you can take your family on a wigwam holiday. Apparently, in-country vacations are increasingly popular on that side of the pond, due to the economic recession. Wigwam vacations, such as the Strathfillan Wigwams in Tyndrum, Scotland, shown here, are a great low-key, low-expense destination for frugal vacationers.

On this side of the Atlantic I know that many of my friends and family are economizing their holidays by vacationing in-state or staying with family or friends. And yes, many of them are camping, though I can't say that any of the campsite photos I've perused from their vacations are anywhere as adorable as the Strathfillian Wigwams.

To find out more about this holiday destination, and to tell me about your low-cost vacation plans, read more.

The wigwams are constructed from Sitka spruce or Norway spruce logs, which are homegrown in Scottish forests. Small logs or poles are bent into a curved shape to form its unique (and may I add adorable) whalebone" frame.

You can choose a wigwam holiday from one of 30 seaside, farmland, and woodland sites in beautiful settings across Scotland, northern England, and the Welsh Border Counties. All of the 30 wigwam holiday sites are rural, with many based at farms or camping parks. You won't be roughing it too much, since most sites include a central shower and bathroom facility as well as a cookhouse. The wigwams are fully insulated, and available for use year-round, and feature wooden floors and painted walls.

Are you tempted to embark on a wigwam holiday? Or have you been on one (or something similar) in the past? Tell me all about your experience!

Source: Getty