Home Away From Home: Selgas Cano Architects

Beyond high hopes for an ergonomic desk chair, most of us don't give a second thought to what our office space looks like. But when you're an architect, the design of your workspace may not only affect your productivity and mood, but the impressions of your clients as well.
Madrid-based architecture firm Selgas Cano should have no trouble dazzling clients who visit its office, a futuristic gem in the middle of the woods. I was blown away when I saw the space, gleaming white and mimosa-colored and narrow like a train car. One side of the structure is nearly all windows, giving you the feeling of living (working) in the wild. My only complaint is that each desk sits behind another like bedrooms in a railroad apartment, which isn't very engaging socially. Check out plenty of photos shot by photographer Iwan Baan, and tell me what you think when you read more.