Home Away From Home: Schrute Farms

It's a little-known fact that Schrute Farms, which appeared on The Office, isn't just the home of Rainn Wilson's character: it's actually a working bed and breakfast in Honesdale, PA. In fact, it's the number one beet-related agrotourism destination in Northeastern, PA, the epicenter of America's beet industry. While it's not the most high-end home away from home, it actually has a lot to offer for the casual traveler.

The B&B boasts lessons on organic farming (including hemp growth), complimentary homegrown meals (and morning Beety Marys!), chicken races, a romantic hay loft, an oversize trampoline, a beet juice pool and hot tub, a spa with revitalizing manure masks, a paintball field, and evening German children's fairytale reading. Unfortunately, Schrute Farms B&B is fairly small, with only three guest rooms, decorated with "America," "Irrigation," and "Nighttime," themes, so you have to book months in advance. But, considering that it has four stars on TripAdvisor from over 700 reviews, it's definitely worth the wait!

Take a look at some photos of the interiors and grounds of Schrute Farms below:

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