Home Away From Home: Maison Moschino

Italian fashion house Moschino is testing out its style skills in the wonderful world of interiors with its brand new Maison Moschino hotel in Milan. Set in an 1840 neoclassical building and former train station, the hotel was designed by the label's creative director, Rossella Jardini, along with its art director Jo Ann Tan, and fully restored with respect to its original façade.

Much like Moschino's apparel, the interiors have a fanciful, surrealistic quality that just toes the line at fantastical. Each room has a fairy-tale-inspired name — including "Alice's Room," "Red Riding Hood," and "Gold" — which coincides with its equally dreamy design. My favorite parts are the tart pillows and cookie chandelier! Meanwhile, the lobby is marked with fluffy origami cloud lamps and Moschino dresses and accessories turned into floor and table lamps. To see photos of the hotel and hear what Jardini had to say about the hotel, read more.

Here's what Jardini had to say about the boutique hotel:

When I enter, I feel as if I’m at home. Like all familiar places, its warm, welcoming atmosphere makes you feel protected. I’d love to preserve it just as it is, as if it were an installation, but I know that, by nature, it is destined to change. And yet I believe it will never betray its origins. It is completely unlike other hotels, and it also has the courage to reveal the high-quality workmanship that built it. It’s a special place, which is why it’s called Maison Moschino.

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Check out photos of the hotel rooms below.

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