Hi Hotel in Nice, France

Home Away From Home: Hi Hotel

I adore quintessential French style (à l'Hôtel Duc de St. Simon in Paris) as much as the rest of 'em, but I wouldn't mind stirring up my next trip to France with a bit more color and punch! The modern Frenchman, after all, is often full of quirk, n'est-çe pas? The Hi Hotel in Nice, for instance, would most certainly fit the bill. Designed by Parisian designer Matali Crasset, a protégé of the always eccentric Monsieur Philippe Starck, the Hi Hotel qualifies as a "design hotel" if I ever saw one.
Exploding with color, this whimsical home away from home would no doubt make Crayola proud. There are a variety of color schemes throughout the techno territory. "Digital," a graphic room with giant pixel-inspired checkered walls, features cobalt and oceanic blues. "Monospace" is an ode to the Tricolore with bands of blue, white, and red, each associated with a color and purpose: comfort, relaxation, and breathing. "White & White," an all-white space dedicated to well-being with an in-room spa, recalls hospital rooms.

Want to venture outside of your suite? Sun, sand, and surf await just outside the door of the Côte d'Azur hotel, and the color palette continues on bold beach chairs, lounge beds, and dining areas. Hungry? An organic restaurant and sushi bar are also at your disposal. Take the full tour for yourself below.

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