Heart-Shaped Plants at Flora Grubb

Counting Hearts at Flora Grubb

Happy Valentine's Day! While I'm sure I'll consume my fair share of Be Mine heart candies this afternoon, in truth my favorite hearts are a little more organic in form. I stopped by one of my favorite garden centers, Flora Grubb, over the weekend to see if there were any heart-shaped lovelies gracing its grounds. Ms. Flora Grubb herself showed me around the design-forward shop, pointing out new and unusual plants that had recently arrived. Then, left to my own devices, I went on a search to find some hearts of my own.

Keep reading to see some of my favorite (and some quite unusual) hearts.

Without question, these tiny shamrocks were my runaway favorite. That's not to say that there weren't plenty of other close contenders. I also would've loved to bring home one of these Little Heart Shaped World hanging plant holders, which are perfect for displaying tillandsia. They won't be back in stock until next month, though, so take a look around Flora's web shop for other great additions to your botanical collection at home.

Check out all of the lovely hearts, metallic, plant-based, and otherwise, in the gallery below.