Handpainted Octopus Shower Curtain and Vintage Nautical Decor

DIY: A Vintage-Style Nautical Shower Curtain

Here's a post from CasaSugar Community member AlfieCatedral from the Su Casa group:

Hello everyone! I recently moved to a new apartment with a very tiny bathroom, and I decided to use nautical décor ideas to decorate it. Sometimes bold graphics and items can help you to make small rooms bigger, and to me, there’s nothing more awesome at fueling creativity than working on a DIY project. I think that helps you come out of your comfort zone and create something especially unique. And it feels awesome when you get a compliment on a new project and getting to reply, "Thank you! I made it myself." I've painted a vintage nautical-inspired shower curtain. I bought an organic cotton white shower curtain, and I used black fabric paint for the graphic. Here are some shots of it.

Click through to see Alfie's process of painting his beautiful shower curtain, and see how it turned out!