Hamptons Modern Home by Biber Architects

A Modern Masterpiece That's Also a Surfer's Paradise

A Modern Masterpiece That's Also a Surfer's Paradise

Located on a 75 foot-high bluff above the Montauk shoreline, this 5,000 square foot modern Hamptons home and accompanying guesthouse are true stunners. Currently on the market for $19.5 million, the main house and guesthouse share common materials and lines, but distinct designs. Architect James Biber of Biber Architects is responsible for the look of these two residences, describing them as, "Each house has its own identity, yet they share a vocabulary of materials, forms, and intentions. The main house is composed of a pair of opposing 'L' shaped wings: one of steel and glass ('his' space: a loft on the ocean) and one of brick and wood ('her' space: a warm, enclosing set of private rooms).

Keep reading to take a tour of this incredible property, which is located on four acres and boasts major amenities including an out-of-this-world screening room, an infinity pool that snakes beneath the guesthouse, and oceanfront access that's said to be perfect for surfing.

Photo courtesy Southeby's