H&M Home Comes to US in 2013

Is H&M Home Coming to Your City?

Is H&M Home Coming to Your City?

Looking for a new stylish, chic, and inexpensive source for home decor? H&M is here to serve you, with new home lines being added to their collections in the United States in early 2013. No word yet on which stores will carry the line, but chances are that if your city has an H&M, it may indeed have a home line for you to peruse as well in less than a year!

WWD reports, "American consumers in early 2013 will be able to give their homes the same dose of cheap chic as their wardrobes with H&M Home. Divided according to the different rooms of the house, the trend-driven collection mines themes seen on the runways. The collection made its debut in Sweden, Germany, the Netherlands and Austria in 2009, and the U.K. the following year. Applying its fast-fashion doctrine to home products, H&M produces three main collections each season and introduces a large number of accessories and furnishings every two weeks."

Keep clicking to see a selection of H&M Home's products currently available in the UK. Which of these pieces would you love to see in a US store?

Source: H&M