Get the Look: Draper's Dapper Desk Area on Mad Men

Get the Look: Draper's Dapper Desk Area on Mad Men

Everyone, it seems, is talking about AMC's Mad Men, but for wildly different reasons. GeekSugar's loving the vintage geekery while BellaSugar can't get over the sexy '60s looks. I, of course, am all atwitter over the awesome interiors. Here, I'll clue you in on how to get sexy ad man Don Draper's dapper desk area.

I decided to update the strict look of this midcentury office with some finds that also would look great in a modern home office, which meant I looked for furniture on a slightly smaller scale, and that was also a little more versatile.

The Desk: For strict verisimilitude, stick with the Preston Desk ($999), but if you'd like to get a little more playful, there are some other fun choices below.

To get the rest of the office's look, read more.

The Chairs: Like the entire office, the chairs require a strong masculinity. Any of these chairs would fit the bill.

The Table Lamp: Whether you choose a task light or a simple table lamp, clean lines and a no-nonsense approach is a must.

The Drapery: Keep it simple with solid or near-solid panels and muted colors.

The Wastebasket: When you're throwing out so-so ad campaign brainstorming notes, you don't want anything distracting you. For that reason, keep your trash receptacle sleek, cool, and collected.

Photos Courtesy of AMC