George Nelson Platform Bench Made Out of Legos

George Nelson's Platform Bench . . . Made From Legos!

Since they wanted a white and black table, they had to buy the Legos individually. In the end, the bricks cost them a couple hundred bucks. But how cool is it!? I think it's definitely worth it.

About six months ago, Su Casa community member anti curl's husband became obsessed with the George Nelson Platform Bench by Herman Miller. Seeing as an original would have cost him about $700, he decided to build one. "So what's a fellow with no discernible woodworking skills and no tools to do?" he asked. "Turn to Legos of course." Over 1,400 Legos and a few redesigns later, he's built a one-of-a-kind coffee table that's as much an art piece as it is a conversation piece. Come take a look and hear more about the project! Check out their Humble Ablog for more details, too.