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Fun Quiz About Wildflowers

Name That Wildflower!

It's one of the reasons why Spring is quite possibly the best season — wildflowers! Highways all over the country are afire with hot pinks, dreamy blues, and fiery oranges. Take my quiz to see if you know what's popping up all around us.

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What is the name of this blue bloom?
Azure Butterfly
Baby Blue Eyes
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What is the name of this pretty orange flower?
Citrus Saucer
Orange Cosmo
Punchy Poppy
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What is this white flower called?
Queen Anne's Lace
Agatha's Agate
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What is the name of this pretty in pink flower?
Lucy's Lemonade
Sweet William
Showy Evening Primrose
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These bright blooms paint the landscape beautifully. What are they?
Indian Paintbrushes
Mexican Hat
Rocket Larkspur
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What is name of this violet bloom?
Purple Coneflower
Lacy Phacelia
Morning Glory
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What is the name of this yellow and white wildflower?
White Socks
Tidy Tips
Lemon Mint
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