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Name That Chair Style!

Oh how I'd like to rest my laurels on some of these pretty little seats. Until I win the lotto, I do a lot of daydreaming at Design Within Reach and other fabulous contemporary shops. My house may not look like the MoMA, but I've got a pretty thick knowledge on chair design. What about you? Come see if you know the names or designers of the hippest seats on the market!

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What is the name of this chair?
Bird Cage Dining Chair
Saarinen Chair
Bertoia Side Chair
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What is the name of this cushy couch?
Nelson Marshmallow Sofa
Charlie Circle Cushion
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What bird is this chair named after?
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What is the name of this swanky seat?
Mr. Impossible
Golden Eye
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What was this chair named after?
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Though it's steel gray, this chair has a colorful name. What is it?
Navy Chair
Scarlett Chair
Steel Gray Chair
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Who is the designer of this lounger?
Eames Lounger
Kartell Lounger
Lover Lounger
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Who's the man behind this ghostly chair?
Frank Gehry
Philippe Starck
Ludwig Mies van der Rohe
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This chair has a floral slant to it. What is it?
The Tulip
The Lily
The Peony
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Named after a city in España, this chair is iconic and gorgeous.
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