French Flea Market Shopping Tips

How to Shop a French Flea Market Like It's Your Job

How to Shop a French Flea Market Like It's Your Job

Laurie Furber has an envy-inducing job. As founder of Elsie Green, a website dedicated to stylish new and vintage housewares, she often goes on buying trips to the flea markets of France. This year, we convinced her to let us tag along via her travel diary and photos. Keep reading to go along on her treasure-hunting expedition!

We believe that not making something new is the greenest of all. So, three times a year, we have the fabulous task of traveling to France to collect beautiful vintage things for our ever-growing collection. Our trips have become a mix of work and play, trend spotting and treasure hunting, and of course, sampling all the delicious food, drink, and beauty the country has to offer.

We search for beautiful things that are at least 50 years old and that are useful as well as beautiful. We're always looking for things that we can give a "second act," so to speak: pastry molds that can serve as flowerpots, oyster baskets that are great for storage, or sheets that can be remade into towels, pillows, or napkins.  

As we're traveling, we base ourselves either at a friend's estate in the South or a friend's family farm in the North and consolidate all of our beautiful things at our home base each day. At the end of the trip, we load a container bound for Oakland, then head off to Paris for some inspiration! This Spring, my daughter, Andie, and I tackled the trip together, traveling to Lyon, Lunel, Montpelier, Avignon, Nimes, and Paris in the span of nine days. Come, join us!