Free Home Decorating iPhone Apps

5 Fab and Free Home Decorating iPhone Apps

Dwell's new iPhone and iPad app is already receiving rave reviews from users. It features videos and slide-shows of modern home design, photos and editorial of various products, and updated stories that feature the latest home trends. Its Facebook and Twitter integration feature also lets you share your favorite design ideas with friends.

My iPhone app selection needs a revamping — it's currently stocked with baby sign language and white noise apps, and it's well past time for me to update it with much more home decorating-appropriate apps. Of course, apps are even better when they don't cost you a penny. Here, I've rounded up five well-reviewed and free iPhone and iPad apps to help you with your home decorating, shopping, and more. Don't see what you need in this slideshow? Check out more iPad home decorating apps here. For even more free apps, try SavvySugar's free money-saving apps or GeekSugar's top 10 free iPad apps.