Found It! Rabbit Paintings From the Kimber Modern

In Saturday's Casa Capsule post, several readers fell in love with the rabbit painting featured in a room at the Kimber Modern hotel in Austin, and wanted to know who painted it.

I tracked down the artist, who lives in Austin, TX. To find out who she is, and how you can get a similar painting, read more.

The paintings are by Austin-based artist Martha Gannon. I contacted her about her rates, prints of her work, and if she took commissions, and she told me, "Currently, I am not making prints. I do originals on commission only. Cost is dependent on size of the canvas. A 30-inch by-40-inch original oil painting on linen canvas is $3,600. Of course, the smaller the canvas, the less the cost and the larger the canvas the higher the cost. But this can give you an idea. After speaking with a client about the scale and color, I send sketches by email (or we meet in person if possible) and make decisions together in order to begin the painting. I require a deposit — usually 1/3 of the total cost."

Martha's work has been featured in a number of gallery shows, and her piece "View From the Mayor's Window" won the 2007 People's Choice from the City of Austin. Martha, who is also a sculptor, takes inspiration from the West Texas landscape where she grew up. Many of her paintings involve animals, which you can check out in the gallery below.

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