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The Perfect Summer Getaway . . . in Finland

The Perfect Summer Getaway . . . in Finland

When one thinks about perfect Summer getaway spots, Finland usually isn't on the top of the list — but maybe it should be, if Saunders Architecture's Finnish Summer house is any indication.

Located in the Aland Islands, a group of islands in the Baltic Sea just north of Stockholm, the house is nestled in a pine forest close to the sea. The home is comprised of a series of folding wooden structures that make up the walls, stairs, roof, floor, and roof garden. From the roof garden, guests can gaze at the islands surrounding the home, while at ground level all that can be seen is a thick pine forest.

The Summer house is also quite eco-friendly, with features including insulation made from woven linseed fibers and wood protected with cold pressed linseed oil. All of the wood for the home was sourced from a local sawmill, and the house was built on pillars, which eliminated the need to create a foundation that would uproot trees or disturb the forest.

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Photos courtesy Saunders Architecture