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Famous Homes in Movies

Guess the Movie Home!

Some people can name a song after hearing only the first three notes. Self proclaimed movie buffs can often name the flick based on the house on set. Take my quiz to see if you know these homes that the box office made famous. I've started out with an easy one.

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Which movie had an unforgettable scene in this home?
Ferris Bueller's Day Off
Wall Street
Fatal Attraction
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Which movie was shot here?
Meet the Fockers
Father of the Bride
The Hangover
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Which classic flick was filmed here?
Parent Trap
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What epic movie started at this house?
Dazed and Confused
Terms of Endearment
National Lampoon's Vacation
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Which movie was filmed on this houseboat?
Sleepless in Seattle
A Fish Called Wanda
Something's Gotta Give
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Which movie was taped in this San Francisco abode?
Mrs. Doubtfire
When a Man Loves a Woman
The Sweetest Thing
Name That Home Style!
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Name That Home Style!

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