Etsy Find: Varmint Voodoo Pillows

Is a skunk going through your garbage? Have you seen a cockroach scuttle across your kitchen floor? Or do seagulls refuse to leave the eaves of your roof alone? Then Etsy seller BubbleOffPlumb has a cheeky suggestion: Instead of calling a toxic extermination service, turn to one of her Varmint Voodoo Pillows to solve your problem.

As BubbleOffPlumb expains, "No real or imagined hexes have been placed on Varmint Voodoo dolls, but dang if you don’t feel a little better after poking one with a pin." Luckily, each pillow (available in a variety of creatures, including deer, ant, cockroach, flea, and seagull) comes with three ruby red long pins, for you to stab your varmint whenever the mood strikes. BubbleOffPlumb also offers the disclaimer that "No one at Bubble Off Plumb Productions Inc. or anyone we willingly associate with endorses or approves of harming animals."

To see a selection of the Varmint Voodoo Dolls as well as to find out about the Valentine's Day sale, read more.

While these may not be your first choice for pretty home pillows, I want to grab the ant pillow for a few reasons. 1) I love slightly creepy, unique presents; 2) I dig the clean, graphic print; and 3) every time it rains, the ants overtake my kitchen, and I'm willing to try anything at this point. Perhaps the Varmint Voodoo Ant Pillow is what I really need to solve my problem.

To sweeten the deal, now through Feb. 8, you can nab one of these pillows for $18, ($3 off the regular price) in the Valentine's Day sale. See? You might've been stumped for a gift for your sweetie, but look no further: Varmint Voodoo Dolls to the rescue!