Don Oehl Artwork at Clic Gallery

Fashion Illustrator Don Oehl Shows Us Around His Current Gallery Exhibition, Talks Wintour, Lagerfeld, Madonna

Don Oehl Artwork at Clic Gallery

Recently, I featured some of fashion illustrator Don Oehl's artwork in some hypothetical home spaces. Don's illustrations effortlessly blend haute couture, street fashion, and graffiti, and you may have seen his work gracing the pages of magazines such as SeventeenElle, and Domino.

You can check out Don Oehl's illustrations in person through Oct. 9 at Clic Gallery, which is located at 255 Centre St. in Manhattan. But if, like the majority of us, you live nowhere close to New York, you can take a peek at his show right here — he's giving CasaSugar readers a personal tour. Read on to see more of his artwork and to hear what he has to say about current collaborations, what fashion designer's home he'd love to see his art in, and what we can look forward to seeing from him in the near future.

Photos courtesy Hayley Karl Photography